Nation Book Week inspires school pupils to dress up and read

WHEN a headteacher comes in dressed as Where’s Wally you know something a little bit different must be happening at school.

Rodings Primary head Chris Yates led the way as his staff and 200 pupils took part in a week-long series of events to promote reading during National Book Week.

Costumes made over the half term period allowed children and adults to get involved in activities dressed as their favourite literary characters.

Administration assistant Heather Read, who dressed as Winnie the Witch, said: “It has been a lovely week and the whole school has taken part, we had Mr Bump and Mr Strong from the Mr Men series and lots of Princesses and Men in Black.

“The children have been read to by teachers, have been reading themselves, and are learning to enjoy books as well as writing poems. A week-long book sale has also given the opportunity for parents and children to buy some for themselves.

“The whole week has been so much fun – the goal is to get the children to enjoy reading, which a lot of them already do, and take them away from the TV.”

On Wednesday evening pupils even came back to school at 5pm to take part in a bedtime reading session complete with biscuits and drinks and tomorrow (Friday) some will have the opportunity to read poems they have written.

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