Mural unveiled in memory of tragic teenager

THE mother of a teenager who was tragically killed last year moved to tears at the unveiling of a mural in his honour.

Jack Brennan died in a car accident while on a family holiday in Lincolnshire in August 2010. The 16-year-old’s mum Rachel Edwards unveiled a mural at the skate park on Saturday before the annual skate jam.

The memorial was spray-painted by Laura Crowder, 19, Maisie Patrick, 18, and Liam Tyler, 17, in the same pattern that decorated Jack’s coffin.

The three artists started at 9pm on Friday night and finished at 10am the next morning, just in time to catch a few hours sleep before the carnival kicked off.

“I burst into tears when I saw is wonderful,” Mrs Edwards told the Broadcast.

“It took longer than anticipated to get it there because of all the red tape and I didn’t think it was going to look like it does, but it is brilliant.

“This is the first stage of the process to make the skate park look nicer and improve the facilities there.”

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Mrs Edwards also wanted to thank Dunmow jewellery shop GW Blowers who donated a watch to Laura for all the hard work she put in to create the mural.

Laura’s employer, Katy Patrick, the owner of community cafe The Juice Project, said she is so proud of the teenager.

Mrs Patrick said: “Laura has just completed her customer service apprenticeship making her their first ‘graduate’ of the apprenticeship programme at the cafe.

“We are extremely proud of her and all of her talents and achievements. She now has the equivalent of five GCSEs, A-C grades, to take her forward into the career of her choice.”

Mrs Edwards is now appealing for help to find a venue in Dunmow for a charity music night to celebrate Jack’s 18th birthday this year. If you can help e-mail