London Marathon 2016: Lucy Bevan, from High Roding completes 26.2miles in under four hours

Lucy Bevan

Lucy Bevan - Credit: Archant

Lucy Bevan from High Roding completed her second London Marathon in three hours, 49 minutes and said on Monday: “It was brilliant though I can hardly get out of bed today, which is a bit awkward because I am supposed to be in training for an iron man in June and I have two triathlons to prepare for it.”

Lucy, an accountant aged 25, is tackling an iron man triathlon in Staffordshire, involving a two-mile swim, a 56-mile bike ride and a half-marathon. Before that, she is up for a triathlons near Southend, which involves swimming in the sea and another near Windsor.

Lucy has hit her target of raising £2,000 for the charity Prostate Cancer UK and has now raised this to £3,000.

She said: “I was passed by a witch and someone dressed as a camel which was a bit embarrassing. I don’t know how they do it. The last kilometre was the longest – that’s the longest kilometre you will ever run. But running through the finish line is such an incredible feeling. You don’t know what to do with yourself, you are smiling but you also feel like crying with relief because it’s over. My family met with an alcoholic drink which was wonderful. The whole Bevan family were there and they have lungs for sure, you couldn’t miss them shouting on the sidelines and bouncing up and down. My sister Julie ran the London Marathon last year for the British Heart Foundation so she knew the pain.”

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