Location, Location, Location rocks into Great Dunmow

Lisa and Tom Gregory

Lisa and Tom Gregory - Credit: Archant

We already know how fantastic Dunmow is, but a popular television show is really going to put the Great into it.

Potential buyers, Tom and Lisa Gregory, shot their final scenes for the Channel 4 show Location, Location, Location on Friday.

After spending two years searching for a property they applied for the programme, presented by Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer, which took their search to Dunmow.

Tom, 36, said: “My wife and I have been looking for a new property for quite some time and we just couldn’t find anywhere.

“We watched the show and it seemed to have quite a good success rate so we decided to send in an application – it was just a bit of a crazy idea.

“When we arrived in Dunmow we just got a really good feeling about the place. It is a very pretty, little town.”

Tom, who works in the City, found it attractive because of the quick commute to London, but still be able to enjoy the benefits of living in a rural area.

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On Friday, the couple filmed in Delicious Home and Scrumptious Tearooms.

“The two places we went in are exactly what makes Dunmow so special,” he added.

According to Associate Director at Intercounty, Andrew Kershaw, these are the big selling points.

He said: “Great Dunmow is a hidden gem. It has a bustling high street filled with independent shops and boutiques.

“The primary schools are very good and people can comfortable commute to London while still being able to live in a pleasant rural area.”

Jane Turton, of Scrumptious Tea Rooms, hopes the national coverage will be a big boost for the town.

“We have so much to offer here and I think it is brilliant it will be highlighted on Location, Location, Location.

“I think people will be really proud when it goes on television and it will make people aware of what there is in the town.”

Keep reading the Broadcast to find out when this episode will be aired on television.