Chelmsford: Residents voice concerns over possible event noise

Noisy neighbours can be a huge bugbear. Picture: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Residents have written to Chelmsford City Council about noise - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Two events in Chelmsford city centre this month could include a sausage and cider festival and live music if plans are approved.

Festival organisers have already started selling tickets for the Sausage and Cider festival set for Friday September 17, and the Ibiza Orchestra Live concert on Saturday September 18, both set to be held at Admirals Park, Chelmsford.

Live Tour Promotions want to permission to hold the Friday event between 5pm and 11pm and the Saturday event between 3pm and 11pm.

However, residents say events such as these should take place further out of the city centre, such as at Hylands Park, which would “affect fewer people”.

In a letter to Chelmsford City Council’s licensing team, they said: “There are far too many residential properties in the vicinity of Admirals Park.

“Events such as these should take place at Hylands House which would affect less of your residents.”

Another said a previous event in the park had disrupted their evenings.

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They said: “Firstly the noise level was above acceptable levels, I could feel the base in every room in my house for the entire duration of the two day event, not acceptable at any time and especially when you have young children that need to go to bed early.

“Secondly, although the event was two days, the ‘public’ park was fenced off and out of public use for over a week.

"Thirdly, having hundreds of drunk revellers spilling out of an event like that in middle of residential area with no security in surrounding streets could compromise the safety of residents.”

Another resident added: “I would like to oppose the license of this forthcoming event on behalf of myself and my family.

"The noise and disruption caused by this type of event is most definitely not welcomed by the vast majority of residents in the avenue where we live.

"It seems totally unsuitable for the size of the park and the close proximity to the neighbouring houses.”

Live Promotions Ltd have agreed with environmental health a noise limit and that they continuously monitor noise from events at noise sensitive locations around the site and advise their sound engineers accordingly to ensure limits are not exceeded.

The application is to be heard on Friday (September 10).