Public toilets for new Victoria Square town centre development

artists impression of new building

Artists impression of new building in Braintree town centre - Credit: Braintree District Council

Public toilets within the Victoria Square development in Braintree have been approved at a planning committee meeting (Tues, January 19).

The three toilet cubicles will include one cubicle that is accessible to disabled users. They will be opposite the Braintree museum and at the entrance to the new bus interchange being built off Manor Street.

They will be on the ground floor of the main apartment building which will also have a Livewell health hub, pharmacy and restaurant or cafe.

The proposals include baby changing facilities. The unit will be fitted with anti-vandal fixtures and fittings.

The toilets will open to the public once the building work finishes in the autumn.

The Victoria Square development is a major investment which aims to bring jobs and visitors to the town centre.

Cllr Tom Cunningham, Braintree District Council's deputy leader, said: “We have listened to public opinion and the concerns raised by residents on the issues around adequate toilet provision in Braintree town centre.

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"We looked at the options on how best to incorporate toilets within the Victoria Square scheme and have opted for a solution which places them in a convenient location, close to the bus interchange, and accessible to residents, bus drivers and their passengers.”

Cllr Wendy Schmitt, cabinet member for Environment and Place at Braintree District Council, said: “When people are travelling by bus, having access to safe and clean toilets before and after a journey is important.

"For some people, a lack of adequate toilet facilities can result in anxiety when leaving the house which is why I applaud the addition of these toilets to the project.”