Essex residents face average £60 council tax rise in April

Essex County Council

Essex County Council will increase the amount it receives from an average-band property by £60.21 in 2022/23 - Credit: Archant

Essex residents can expect next year's council tax bill to increase by an average of £60.21 each year.

Essex County Council has set out its budget for 2022/23, which includes a hike in its share of council tax of 4.49%.

A senior councillor has warned that council taxes in the county must rise, or residents will face a reduction to services.

Essex County Council currently receives £1,340.91 from taxpayers in the average band - Band D.

This is set to rise to £1,401.12 in 2022/23.

These figures only include the county council, as tax rates for other precepting authorities such as the police and crime commissioner have not been formally decided.

Councillor Chris Whitbread, who is responsible for finance at the local authority, said: "We have a stark choice – either we propose an increase, or we face unacceptable reductions to services.

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“For all of us, the last few years have been especially tough, and recently we’ve seen the price of energy rise and our fuel bills go up and increases in the price of goods and materials.

"All of which has been compounded by the pressures of Covid.

“Councils, just like any business or family, are affected by inflation and price rises for goods and services."

Essex County Council says that its proposed council tax increase is below the current inflation rate.

There will be a general council tax increase of 2.99%, which includes 1% specifically for adult social care where demand has risen.

There is a further 1.5% increase for adult social care, which was deferred from last year.

The council plans to spend £284 million on major projects such as new schools or road projects.

It also plans to spend £200m on achieving a net-zero target and £10m on 'levelling up'.

Cllr Kevin Bentley, council leader, said: "This budget will allow us to commit to Everyone’s Essex, our plan to improve the economy, the environment and life for children and families and promoting health, care and wellbeing for all ages."

The increase will be debated at a full council meeting next month before it is approved or rejected.

In 2022/23, Essex County Council's tax precept is set to rise for all property bands:

  • Band A - £924.08
  • Band B - £1,089.76
  • Band C - £1,245.44
  • Band D - £1,401.12
  • Band E - £1,712.48
  • Band F - £2,023.84
  • Band G - £2,335.20
  • Band H - £2,802.24