Seven Essex councils support new anti-litter campaign

A Love Essex banner in front of a children's playground: Litter in my home? That's quackers!

Seven Essex councils are supporting a new campaign: "Love it here? Don't leave it here..." - Credit: Braintree District Council

Stop littering to prevent wildlife from harm, Essex councils have urged. 

Seven councils are supporting a new anti-litter campaign, run by the Cleaner Essex Group, under the tagline: "Love it here? Don't leave it here..."

Essex County Council is supporting the campaign along with district councils in Braintree, Chelmsford, Brentwood, Castle Point, Maldon and Rochford.

A Love Essex banner: "Litter. Makes me bristle!"

The councils warn that litter could harm wildlife such as hedgehogs - Credit: Braintree District Council

Braintree council cabinet member Councillor Wendy Schmitt said the campaign was "simple" and urged residents to get involved.

Cllr Schmitt said: "It only takes a few pieces of litter to ruin a habitat and put wildlife at risk.

"Bin it or take it home!"

She added: "Ducks, hedgehogs and birds can all be at risk within their own environment by even the smallest piece of litter and in many cases it costs their lives.

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"The financial price to the local tax payer is just over £1.5 million to keep our district clean and tidy."