A roundabout on the Great Dunmow to Chelmsford road is set for improvements following the death of a driver from Thaxted.

A road safety engineer has called for "roundabout ahead" and "reduce speed now" warning signs at the Warners Farm roundabout on the B1008, which sits at the end of the Essex Regiment Way.

The report follows the death of a man in his 60s from Thaxted on April 12 this year.

Essex Police officers attended the incident.

The driver was sadly pronounced dead at the scene. No other vehicles were thought to have been involved.

Analysis of the road, which took into account a spate of incidents over the previous 10 years, identified a pattern of collisions.

In the past six years, there have been three incidents where vehicles travelling towards Great Dunmow approached the roundabout at an inappropriate speed and collided with the centre island.

All of these incidents took place in daylight, but two took place in poor weather conditions which resulted in slight injuries to the vehicle occupants.

The road safety engineer who investigated the situation for his fatal collision report has recommended that new signage could prevent future collisions, such as triangular "roundabout ahead" signs and "reduce speed now" panels.

The signs would be placed between 180 and 245 metres before the roundabout.

Essex Highways has previously faced questions over the length of time between a fatal collision event and remedial measures.

The concerns emerged amid an HM Coroner's Inquest into a 2020 incident on the B1389 Hatfield Road in Witham.

In the past, Essex Highways has funded post-fatal collision measures in the following financial year, which has led to delays.

If the present financial year's budget takes into account potential Fatal Collision Casualty Reduction Schemes, the time between a fatal collision and remedial measures being installed could be significantly reduced, Essex County Council has said.