Plans for a large new solar farm near Great Notley have been submitted to Uttlesford District Council.

The proposed farm, measuring approximately 114 hectares, would sit next to Great Notley.

Clearstone Energy Ltd also says in its application that the farm would see a power output of up to 49.9 megawatts.

According to a design and access statement by agent DLP Planning Ltd, panels will be built across 3,268 tables and 543 half-tables, in rows between four and nine metres apart.

The statement reads: "Solar generation is efficient, effective, and once installed, it has minimal maintenance needs."

It adds: "The proposal will incorporate extensive landscaping measures to mitigate the visual impacts on the countryside as well to enhance biodiversity levels on the side."

A different solar site, called Drapers Solar Farm, is immediately to the west of the site occupying about 15 hectares.

Uttlesford District Council gave Drapers Solar Farm planning permission in 2013.

The site is also near Great Notley Country Park, which lies in the neighbouring Braintree district.

The site would be connected to the Braintree substation, but the exact route of this connection is unknown.

According to the statement, the development would include a net gain in biodiversity of 60.03% by creating new ecological corridors and planting new trees.

During the construction period, work would be restricted to between 7am and 6.30pm Monday to Friday, and 7am until 12.30pm on Saturdays.

The statement notes that there are four listed buildings and an archaeological site near the land, but the developer does not believe that any of the sites would be affected.

There are also eight public footpaths that run through the site, which is currently used for agriculture.

Panels will be mounted to the ground on a concrete base, and will be up to three metres tall.

Cabling would be at the surface of buried no deeper than achieved by normal ploughing practice, the statement notes.

In addition to the panels, work will include a small control room, substation, battery storage units and security measures such as fencing.

The application has an expiry date of February 11, 2022.