Lawnmower racing brings crowds to Blake House

Lawn mower racing

Lawn mower racing - Credit: Archant

Lawnmower racing was “fast and furious” at Blake House last weekend (September 10-11), reaching speeds of up to 32 miles per hour.

Races were separated by types of lawnmower, including the classic Run-behinds, the Cylinder Mower, which has a towed seat, the wheel-driven Westward Lawn Bugs, and Tractors.

Winners included Sam Ratcliffe, Glyn Saunders, and Dan Goddard, who each won an engraved trophy that they can keep.

Children in the boys team beat the girls team in a race with run-behinds, and they got plastic medals and certificates as a prize.

There was also a bouncy castle, stalls and rides.

Although it was wet and rainy on the Saturday, the summer sun on Sunday encouraged better crowds and according to Karl Selby, committee member for the British Lawnmower Racing Association and runner-up in one race, made for more exciting races.

He said: “It was a brilliant weekend. We always have a good turnout in Essex, we always have a great reception and the Saturday rain made it tricky but exciting, it wasn’t a mud bath – it was racing on ice, so it was fast and furious.

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“The lawnmowers left marks on the tracks, tyre tracks, because it was so hot and dry.”

The event, combined with other events in the summer at Blake House, raised more than £3,500 for Essex Air Ambulance.

All of the lawnmowers are safety checked and there are no blades used.