Our young children may look back on lockdown as the best time of their lives

Layla and Jasmine Claydon having finsihed their daily exercise under lockdown Picture: MARIAM GHAEMI

Layla and Jasmine Claydon having finsihed their daily exercise under lockdown Picture: MARIAM GHAEMI - Credit: MARIAM GHAEMI

In these dark times, little gems of positivity shine brightly from the phone or computer screen.

One resonated particularly strongly as I had been worrying about the impact of the coronavirus crisis on my two young children.

The anonymous quote that a school had apparently sent to parents has been shared widely on Facebook.

MORE: Do we overstimulate our children? Now we have no choice but not toIt talks about not arguing with our kids to do work, but instead to “cuddle up together and read, read, read”.

It goes on: “Do a puzzle. Build a fort. Bake. Watch TV together. Paint. Get out the lego and build together. Set up a tent in your living room and camp out.

“Look at photos of when you were a kid. In other words...don’t stress about them forgetting. Don’t stress about homeschooling them. Just spend time together. Your kids won’t learn much if you are feeling stressed.”

And this is the final line that is now lodged in my mind: “Though this is a scary time, it could very well be a time they remember as the best time in their life.”

It got me thinking about this strange and scary time in our lives from the perspective of a young child.

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Mine, aged two and four, are spending more time with mummy and daddy, they are enjoying mealtimes as a family and, as the weather has been kind, have been exploring in the garden every day.

Older children will no doubt be feeling anxious at times over the news, elderly relatives or schoolwork, but little children are too young to have these worries.

If we can keep the virus from our doors – by staying home and social distancing – then our young children can remain cocooned in their care-free world.

And if we as parents can respond to this crisis in a calm and optimistic way – as hard as that is at times – our children may well remember this as the best time of their lives.

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