Felsted students use their summer to help others

Toby and Tegid of Felsted School, Essex, have been fundraising in their summer holiday

Toby and Tegid of Felsted School - Credit: Felsted School

Felsted School pupils have been making a difference this summer, supporting the air ambulance.

Toby and Tegid, both 15, raised £2,763 for the Essex and Herts Air Ambulance.

Inspired by the Olympic Games, they collectively swam 600 lengths of the pool, ran 60km and cycled nearly 250km - the equivalent distance of travelling from Cardiff to Reading.

Toby and Tegid running towards a finish line, Felsted, Essex

Toby and Tegid of Felsted School - Credit: Felsted School

They were inspired by the ‘£500 pledge for the Blood on Board appeal’ but managed to raise over five times that goal.

Lucinda, nine, led a successful pop-up coffee and cake fundraiser over the summer while staying with family in Londonderry, and raised £630 for the Air Ambulance Northern Ireland.

Lucinda and Arabella of Felsted School, Essex with their cake sale

Lucinda and Arabella of Felsted School with their cake sale in Londonderry - Credit: Felsted School

She baked for three days, helped by family members including her sister Arabella, six, who is also a Felsted pupil.

She also designed posters to advertise her event.

The charity invited the family to spend an afternoon with them and meet one of the paramedics and helicopter navigators.

Lucinda of Felsted School, Essex, donating a giant cheque to personnel from Air Ambulance Northern Ireland

Lucinda donating the money raised to Air Ambulance Northern Ireland - Credit: Felsted School