Head teacher is hailed as school gets back on track after turbulent period

Matching Green Primary School received a 'good' rating in 2013 and 2017 reports, despite a 'turbulen

Matching Green Primary School received a 'good' rating in 2013 and 2017 reports, despite a 'turbulent' period. Picture: Ofsted - Credit: Archant

The head teacher of Matching Green Church Primary School has been praised for turning the school around in a recent Ofsted report after a ‘turbulent’ period of ‘instability’ saw four head teachers appointed in five years and standards fall.

The school, which has 83 pupils, was rated ‘good’, the second highest rating possible to achieve, in the report, released in January.

The report said: “Outcomes for pupils have improved. Children make a positive start in the high-quality early years provision and continue to make good progress...pupil’s social and emotional needs are effectively met alongside their academic development.”

Head teacher Amy Wareham, appointed in 2016, said: “We have had a long journey since our last inspection. Our staff work very hard for our children. We have an individual curriculum which we are very proud of. We also have a big focus on the children’s wellbeing, which we think is just as important as academic success. I feel the outcome of the report is what we deserve.”

The inspection found that steps were introduced to help the most able pupils reach their potential, such as attending regular workshops, and focused teacher training.

Standards reached by Year 6 pupils in maths were below the national average, although the results were skewed by small pupil numbers. The school also identified that some pupils had gaps in their essentials skills and lacked confidence in maths.

Due to subsequent training, staff now have higher expectations and the subject is taught consistently across the school, with pupils ‘investigating number patterns confidently,’ it was noted.

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The report recommended that maths teachers consistently challenge the most able pupils.

Miss Wareham added: “We are part of the Epping Forest School-Led Improvement Partnership and we are working with other head teachers to ensure we meet the requirements of the report.”

Addressing Miss Wareham, the report noted the high turnover of staff and appointment of new leaders since the last 2013 inspection, going on to say: “You have worked hard to build a successful and effective team...Staff enjoy working at the school and feel well supported.”