“Covid-19 has forced us all to evaluate and value life” says Dunmow mayor

Great Dunmow Town Council mayor Mike Coleman

Great Dunmow Town Council mayor Mike Coleman - Credit: Mike Coleman

Dunmow mayor’s Point to Ponder.

We are going through tough times

But – “Nothing happens to you, it happens for you.”

“See the positives in negative events”

As we meet the challenge of a second lock-down I thought it might be worthwhile taking a look at some of the positives.

Whilst I acknowledge times are difficult, as we traverse the unknown, we are, in many ways, reminded of some of the lost values of life.

The elderly are still trapped in care homes, but the world has woken up to the need to respect carers and ensure that they can do their job.

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Traders and industry are researching and finding alternative methods of operation.

Overseas travel is not quite so essential. People are discovering, or re-discovering, their own countryside and coastline.

Life in general has slowed down – allowing humanity to appreciate our natural habitat, to discover nature, to discover the benefit to health through walking and cycling, to support local towns and villages by shopping locally. Not to spend every moment in the car.

In short, Covid-19, as terrible as it is, has provided a rude awakening.

Frightening, scary, life threatening and a journey with no end in sight.

Hopefully with the help of brilliant scientists we can at least stem the tide and hopefully win the war.

Covid-19 has forced us all to evaluate and value life. To care for each other, to care for others and to care for the world we live in. I only pray that when the brakes are released and normality returns, we don’t lose what we have discovered.