Grants continue to help businesses adapt to online life

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Richard Haywood, of Ashton Media in Stansted - Credit: Image supplied

Essex County Council has awarded grants of up to £1,500 to west Essex businesses to help them during the pandemic.

The Saffron Walden Gallery and Ashton House Media in Stansted are among the recipients of a Business Adaptation Grant.

These grants are designed to help small businesses purchase equipment to sell products online using their websites, video calls and social media.

Bill Tickner, owner of the Saffron Walden Gallery, said the grant allowed him to continue selling despite a drop in footfall during the coronavirus pandemic.

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The Saffron Walden Gallery - Credit: Image supplied

He said: "This positive support when we needed it most and without delay, is something I am really grateful for."

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Richard Haywood, of Ashton House Media, said the grant allowed him to access overseas clients, which he described as a "godsend".

The scheme continues until July 2021 despite lockdown easing.

It is run by the county council, although district councils manage the applications process.

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