Yoga and gardening offer mental health boost to Stansted pupils

Pupils in a school hall try out yoga.

Pupils are being equipped with the tools for positive mental health at Forest Hall School, Stansted - Credit: Supplied

Yoga, gardening and boxercise became part of a Wednesday timetable in one Stansted school.

To expose secondary school pupils to tools which could boost their mental health, Forest Hall School set up lunchtime clubs and held a wellbeing Wednesday.

The school staff said the week gave pupils space to explore how to manage stress and isolation.

Pupils sit on the floor

Yoga was one of the activities on offer at Forest Hall School in May - Credit: Supplied

Sarah Power, Enrichment Lead, said: "It was about creating a space for children to come and talk.

"We want them to see there are adults in school they can trust and talk to.

"There was a huge buzz around school and lots of positive discussions going on."

Pupils focused on the health benefits of nature, with staff running wilderness walks, mindfulness colouring and meditation in collaboration with the peer-support network called Let's Talk, Stansted!

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Ellie, a Year 9 student, said: “I liked the week because it helped me to manage my feelings in a safer way.”

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