Hampers packed in Foakes Hall bring families a boost

Three people, stack of colourful hamper boxes

Councillors Amanda Brown, Susan Barker and Danielle Frost with some of the hampers - Credit: Councillor Terry Moore

Volunteers helped to pack 170 food hampers in Foakes Hall, which were delivered to help families in need.

Great Dunmow town councillors Danielle Frost and Amanda Brown had originally offered to support a children's activity programme by providing packed lunches, but this scheme was cancelled because rising Covid numbers raised restrictions.

Instead, Essex County Council offered grants to town and parish councils to help families that would normally receive free school meals or other support.

Essex county councillor Susan Barker helped with £500 towards the project, and was among the volunteers who helped to make up hampers.

Cllrs Frost and Brown gathered the supplies from the local supermarket.

Great Dunmow Town Council clerk Caroline Fuller said there had been a great many tins, packets and boxes involved.

"It was a real community effort, led by the town council and in particular those two councillors. Both their cars were packed up to the roof."

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Cllr Barker also organised that £500 went to the Alexia Trust, also based in Dunmow.

Councillor Danielle Frost of Great Dunmow Town Council

Councillor Danielle Frost of Great Dunmow Town Council - Credit: Danielle Frost

Councillor Amanda Brown of Great Dunmow Town Council

Councillor Amanda Brown of Great Dunmow Town Council - Credit: Amanda Brown

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