Fly-tipping in Essex town blasted by deputy town clerk

DUNMOW has fallen foul of the “English disease” as incidents of fly-tipping and littering are on the rise, according to the deputy town clerk.

David Green, together with Dunmow Town Council groundsman Keith Wheatcroft, is incensed at the volume of green waste which is being dumped around the town.

He pointed out that 10 per cent of the town council’s budget is spent on cleaning up the town – and urged residents to be more considerate.

“There is definitely a problem that needs addressing,” Mr Green told the Broadcast before highlighting the area around Doctors Pond and the recreation ground skate park as particular “black spots”.

“People seem to think the pond is a litter bin and our groundsmen can spend two hours a morning clearing up the skate park.”

Mr Green explained that the amount of ‘green waste’, such as trees and shrubs, being dumped was on the rise, particularly around the Maltings.

“We have received complaints and leafleted the area asking residents not to dump their green waste but they continue to do so,” said Mr Green.

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“Where properties back on to green spaces, residents have put gates in, which they are entitled to do, and then dump their waste in the tree belt next to the Maltings which is not acceptable.”

The town council has 50 litter bins and 20 dig bins placed around the town but the problems with litter and dog-owners refusing to clean up after their pets persist.

“It is also irresponsible dog owners letting their dog do whatever they want and not clearing up after them. It is dangerous as children play in the play area and there is dog mess everywhere.

“We have also had dogs bins set alight which costs the council �200 a time to replace.”

Bill Bryson, a resident near the Maltings, agreed, highlighting waste “constantly being dumped” by the river.

Mr Bryson, who is chairman of the Campaign to Protect Rural England, held a Big Clean Up campaign earlier this year. Councillors and members of the public picked up 20 bags of rubbish in addition to those collected by groundsmen that morning.