Firefighters tackle chimney blaze


- Credit: Cambs Fire & Rescue Service

Firefighters tackled a chimney fire at a home in Hatfield Broad Oak.

One crew from Leaden Roding attended the blaze at Crabbs Green after being alerted shortly after 2pm on Saturday.

A spokesman for Essex County Fire and Rescue Service said: “Incidents like this show why it is so important for people with real fires to get their chimneys cleaned every year. As winter finally arrives in Essex those who enjoy the warm glow of an open fire should make sure that they get their chimney’s properly cleaned before they light the grate.

“A build up of soot and ash can ignite in the chimney can easily catch fire. Chimney fires are not only dangerous but can cause a great deal of damage as they burn and through the actions our crews have to take to deal with these fires.”