Finchingfield residents fight on to save bridge

An artist's impression of how the new bridge at Finchingfield would look

An artist's impression of how the new bridge at Finchingfield would look - Credit: Archant

On the first anniversary of the campaign by Finchingfield residents to save the famous Finchingfield Bridge, we publish an artist’s impression of how the village vista will change if Essex County Council goes ahead with plans to build a second bridge across the pond.

The existing view at the bridge

The existing view at the bridge - Credit: Archant

The pictures have been commissioned by the Chairman of Finchingfield Parish Council, Councillor Graham Tobbell who has already offered £100,000 of his own money to repair the old bridge instead of building a second one next to it. Essex County Council has refused the offer.

Cllr Tobbell said: “The parish and the public have been misled as to the impact the new bridge will have. I have sent these pictures to Essex councillors and they have been shocked.

“They have been created by an independent artist, meticulously to the county council’s dimensions.

“I asked him not to embellish anything and if the effect wasn’t as bad as we feared, then so much the better.

“If you look at where the silver car is parked in the vista now, you can see it couldn’t park there after the changes – and the new bridge would have to connect up to a new road.”

An Essex Highways spokesperson said: “We are currently reviewing the options in relation to Finchingfield bridge and we will continue to work and liaise with the local parish council as plans develop.”