Felsted Aid mini bus sets out on journey to Ukraine

SWS 28 Felsted Aid

SWS 28 Felsted Aid - Credit: Archant

The brand new mini bus that is part of Felsted Aid’s convoy to the Ukraine, helping children still being affected by the 1986 Chernobyl disaster, has been called Milosh.

The vehicle, donated by London Rotary Clubs, has been named in memory of Milosh Angermann, originally from Czechoslovakia who lived in South Woodham Ferrers and supported the charity.

Pauline Craven with her partner Alan Hilliar, founded Felsted Aid for Deprived Children in 2001, which in 2009 became the charity UK-AID. She said: “Milosh always wanted to go out on one of our trips but he died in his 80s before he could. Now he will go on every journey.”

The latest expedition with seven tonnes of humanitarian aid left Leaden Roding just after dawn on Friday (July 10). It included three vehicles, the mini-bus and two vans pulling a loaded trailer. People who have donated equipment and children’s toys include Arsenal Football Club, and manufacturers of shoes and cleaning products.

Pauline, who worked with refugees in Bosnia in the 1990s, started the charity after learning about the continuing effects of the Chernobyl nuclear fall-out. Felsted Aid supports the work of Dr Vasil Pasichnik who at the time of the disaster was concerned about children who did not receive iodine to dilute the effects of radiation.

In 1995, Dr Pasichnik was given a derelict building by the local government. He had no financial means to create the centre so through a video tape he applied to British charities for help. Since then, six buildings have been converted into a centre of excellence acknowledged by UNICEF (The United Nations’ fund for children) and the Ukrainian Government. Some 1,600 children are treated annually.

Pauline said: “Working with other 24 organisations in the UK, we supply aid to families, hospitals, orphanages and even prisons where they need blankets.”

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The 3,500 mile trip will take four days. Milosh, the mini-bus will stay in Ukraine to distribute aid there. Picture: Braintree TV