Farleigh Hospice delivers end of life care training

Farleigh Hospice

Farleigh Hospice has hosted a virtual training session for ambulance service members on end of life care. - Credit: Daniel Jones Photography

Farleigh Hospice has hosted a virtual training session on end of life care for 67 members of the East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust (EEAST).

Topics included identifying palliative care emergencies and appropriate treatments, advance care planning, identifying when someone is dying and the use of anticipatory medications.

The session was delivered by Dr Sue Griffith, Head of Education and Research at Farleigh Hospice; Daimon Wheddon, End of Life Care Lead for the EEAST; Dr Eva Lew, Farleigh Hospice Medical Director, and Dr Abi Ponnampalampillai, Farleigh Consultant.

Dr Griffith said: “The EEAST asked us to deliver training to their clinicians on end of life care to improve their knowledge and confidence in this area.

"We are passionate about supporting a good end of life care wherever people need it, and were happy to share our expertise.

"We created a programme tailored specifically to the end of life scenarios ambulance clinicians face."