Essex woman wins cooking competition on Gino D’Acampo’s new show on ITV

A PROFESSIONAL chef has crowned a Dunmow teacher the best cook in the county.

Carole Rose, who runs Cookies, a cooking school, won the competition on Gino D’Acampo’s new show, There’s No Taste Like Home. Mrs Rose explained that the show is about finding the best dishes that remind people of home from around the UK.

Her winning dish – braised beef and onion pie, cheesy leek mash with a red cabbage and apple side dish – will now feature on the menu of the Blue Bridge in Writtle for a month.

Despite making a living from cooking, Mrs Rose told the Broadcast that it was the most stressful experience of her life.

She said: “The filming took place at the Blue Bridge and they had 50 people sitting down for dinner. Between the three of us we had to make 20 dishes each.

“I am used to cooking for five - the scale of things to cook for 20 people is so stressful. It’s really hot and serving has to be well cooked, presented, hot and on time.”

At the end of service D’Acampo announced that Mrs Rose’s pie was the best dish and would sell the most on the menu.

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“I am going to go to the Blue Bridge and let them know it is my dish just to make sure they are making it right,” joked Mrs Rose.

“I haven’t seen the final version of the show. Gino was lovely but he found a way to wind me up!”

After her experience in a kitchen is she considering giving up her teaching business?

“No. The restaurant did say they would hire any of us but we all hastily declined – I think I’ll stay as a teacher.”