Essex travel agent’s charity link

A HIGH Street travel agent is calling on local charities and non-profit making organisations to come forward and be part of a nationwide initiative.

Dalton Travel has signed up for Travel2Give, an innovation that gives charities a percentage of any holidays they sell. Now all they need is charities to help.

Kate Johnson of Dalton Travel outlined how the scheme works and the benefits it can bring to local groups.

“Charities and local non-profit making organisations can get in contact with us and we will sign them up to the scheme. The charity then has a link to the travel2give website or a number on their website, the side of their vehicles, on brochures or any other advertisement,” she said.

“Then the charity tells all of its trustees and donors to book through their website, meaning at least two per cent of the overall price will go to the charity.

“For some charities that don’t make a huge amount and rely on local support, �50 for doing nothing can really help.”

One charity that has already signed up is Uttlesford Community Travel (UCT). General manager Malcolm Barrell praised the scheme for giving local charities another “window of opportunity” to raise money.

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“We welcome any donations that we receive, especially in this climate, as we need as much support as possible so we can support the community,” he said.

“With rising costs we need help and the partnership with Dalton Travel will be beneficial to us.

“The scheme is really good and we need to recognise that if you’re going to book a holiday then people need to be steered in the right direction so they can donate to a local charity.”

UCT provide services to the district’s residents who find it difficult to access normal public transport, the over 60’s, the disabled and those who are rurally isolated. All minibuses are wheelchair accessible and all our drivers are fully trained and CRB checked.

• Dalton Travel is holding an event to promote the Travel2Give scheme to holiday-makers and charities on June 1 at the Maltings. There will be an emphasis on cruises and coach holidays. Staff will be on hand to answer any questions.

If you are interested in attending, enquire in Dalton Travel or call 01371 873011.