“Our schemes are radical” says councillor as Essex awarded highest grant to improve sustainable travel

Essex County Council. Photo: ANDRA MACIUCA.

Essex County Council. Photo: ANDRA MACIUCA. - Credit: ANDRA MACIUCA

Braintree and Chelmsford are among the locations which will receive grant money from the Department of Transport to develop cycling and walking routes, to reduce congestion and pollution and to make streets around schools safer.

Essex was granted over £7m, the highest allocation of any county in England, to improve sustainable travel.

Councils, councillors, businesses, cycling groups, access groups and other local organisations will help plan measures to improve everyday life.

Councillor Kevin Bentley, Essex County Council’s cabinet member for infrastructure, said: “Our schemes are radical. We have created a blueprint for active travel which will put Essex at the forefront of sustainable transport.

“These schemes will change the way residents use and think about their streets - spending more time in more attractive streets, where motorised traffic no longer dominates to the same extent.

“We will be reallocating road space - but only where it makes sense - and we will be consulting publicly on all proposals.”