Essex school celebrates 200 years of church education in England

TO CELEBRATE 200 years of church schools, pupils in Dunmow have unveiled a banner that took pride of place at last Sunday’s service.

Students from St Mary’s Primary School designed the banner and revealed it at a celebratory assembly in front of their classmates and parents.

Canon David Ainge, of St Mary’s Church, said: “The banner is magnificent, especially since it was created in such a short space of time. You wouldn’t believe how quickly it was made because it is so lovely. The skill and art is terrific.”

The design was thought up by pupils Laura Romain, Rachael Clark, Saskia Proud, Grace Evans, Annie Callop and Hannah Begley.

They gave up their time to design the banner and then helped residents Amanda Thompson, Dinah Swift and Shirley Parish with the sewing.

The result is an image of the school standing side by side with St Mary’s Church surrounded by words that the pupils think describes the relationship between the two.

Speaking of the link, Canon Ainge added: “For the children I think it is a very positive thing whether they come into a church at another other time or not.

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“They get to experience a different set of values that they wouldn’t normally come across.

“From the church’s point of view we get to have another arm of our work and we can support the school through friendships.

“We also work through governors and parents so we play a part in the background of the school.”