ESSEX: Residents' dismay over mis-spelt signs

A PILOT scheme to help cut the amount of traffic and speeding in Felsted has suffered an early setback after some of the new signs were spelt incorrectly.

A PILOT scheme to help cut the amount of traffic and speeding in Felsted has suffered an early setback after some of the new signs were spelt incorrectly.

Essex County Council's (ECC) Quiet Lanes initiative was introduced in Felsted and its hamlets to help make its small roads more desirable to walkers, cyclists and riders, while at the same time making it safer for all those travelling on them.

The scheme has seen many new signs recently installed in the area.

However, the Broadcast received several e-mails from residents who picked up a glaring error in the signs themselves - incorrect spellings.

So far two signs highlighting "Feldsted" have been spotted.

Resident Christopher Macgowan said: "The [Quiet Lanes] scheme in general is a good one. The council is doing the right thing in bringing the signs into some kind of format and I am totally in favour of it.

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"But to go and spell the signs wrong doesn't put the council in a good light. I drove past the signs on April 2 and I thought it might have been someone playing an overdue April Fool!"

Another resident expressed her dismay and insisted the signs have been changed unnecessarily.

"There was nothing wrong with the signs that were there. They were not damaged or bent," the resident, who wished to remain anonymous, told the Broadcast.

"Quiet lane signs which were on small black metal poles are now on what can only be described as massive ugly wooden gate posts. One wonders how much these large pieces of wood cost.

"To add insult to injury some of the new signs have not even been spelt correctly. Felsted to my knowledge has never had a 'D' in it. Feldsted? Maybe the council should spend some budget on proof readers."

The spelling errors - which are on two of the signs at Cock Green, pictured - were picked up by Felsted parish clerk, Peter Watson, on Thursday when the signs went up. He notified the county council immediately.

Despite the error, Mr Watson said the scheme would be of benefit to the area.

He said: "When the plans were being discussed the point was raised that you would not necessarily know when you had arrived in a specific hamlet, and as such it was decided to add the signs to each hamlet.

"The scheme was to integrate footpaths with country roads. As part of this a lot of the signs pointing to long distance destinations were replaced with signs too many of the hamlets that make up Felsted. A number of the metal posts have also been replaced with sturdy timber supports to give the impression of entering a zone for the quiet lanes."

An ECC spokesman said the council is aware of the mis-spelt signs and is sending a Highways officer to the area this week. The spokesman added that any other mis-spelt signs will also be replaced.

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