Essex Police stop drivers in road safety operation

MORE THAN 30 drivers were stopped for various motoring offences during a police road safety operation in Dunmow on Thursday (March 24).

Road policing officers, motorcycle officers and a road safety officer from Essex County Council were involved in the stop checks at The Causeway.

A total of 28 drivers and passengers were given �60 fixed penalty notices for failing to wearing seat belts. Five drivers who were using a mobile telephone while driving were given �60 fixed penalty notices and three points on their licences.

Fifteen of the drivers attended a road safety trailer where they were given safety advice and shown educational videos showing the possible consequences of failing to wear a seat belt or using a mobile while driving.

Two drivers were given advice about other potential offences.

A police spokesman said that although Dunmow was not a “black spot” for accidents it was a good place to do the operation because of the recreational ground and the school within close proximity.

Pc Deborah Gray Farrer, who ran the operation, said: “Road policing officers are committed to reducing the number of fatal and serious injury road collisions on our roads.

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“Four of the most common factors that can have a big impact in road collisions are drink or drug driving, excessive speeding, using a mobile phone whilst driving, or failing to wear a seat belt.

“We will continue to tackle this offending behaviour in an effort to save people’s lives.

“The majority of road users are law abiding citizens who comply with the road laws and we would like to thank them for this and hope that this continues.

“Our aim is reduce collisions within Essex, to make the roads a safer place