Essex police crackdown on Chelmsford city centre crime

OFFICERS were out in force in Chelmsford on Saturday night to tackle crime both on the roads and around the nightspots in the city.

OFFICERS were out in force in Chelmsford on Saturday night to tackle crime both on the roads and around the nightspots in the city.

From 9pm on Saturday (May 12), specialist road policing vehicles were deployed around the city stopping 71 vehicles in total. Of these three received fixed penalty notices for driving in bus lanes, three for excess speed and four for other traffic offences.

Officers also issued verbal warnings for light offences and not wearing seatbelts.

A further 89 stop checks were conducted on taxis, with one being reported for having no badge, and 11 reported to council licensing officers for issues including not having a fire extinguisher on board. Officers also seized nine badges from drivers displaying them when they were not working.

Sgt Barry Atkinson, who led the operation, said: “Police officers in Chelmsford have been taking a lead in making the Chelmsford City Centre a safer place for everybody to enjoy and the night of action successfully resulted in significant prevention and enforcement action. These efforts will continue in the weeks and months ahead.”

In the city centre there was a highly visible presence from uniformed officers to tackle and reduce alcohol related crime and anti-social behaviour. They were supported by the mobile police station, an evidence gathering team and a police dog unit.

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During the evening, officers gave crime prevention advice to those people out in Chelmsford. They assisted people in registering their mobile phones with police to improved the chances of their phones being returned to them should they be lost or stolen in the future.

Sgt Atkinson added: “We took to the city centre in numbers with the aim of protecting the public from alcohol related crime and violence and protecting individuals’ personal property.

“Essex Police encourage all members of the public to remain vigilant and take steps to keep their personal property safe whilst enjoying their nights out.

“We are proactively targeting thieves and working hard to bring offenders to justice. Anybody wishing to register their mobile telephones with Essex Police should contact the Chelmsford Neighbourhood Policing Team by calling 101.”

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