Essex Police call for public’s help to make roads safe

Police car

Police car - Credit: Archant

Intelligence information from members of the public is key to keeping roads safe Essex Police have said.

Intelligence information from members of the public is key to keeping roads safe, Essex Police has said.

Knowing who to stop and where will not only reduce accidents on Essex roads but will help keep drug gangs in control, and police are urging the public to make them aware of dangerous drivers.

Adam Pipe, casualty reduction manager at Essex Police, said: “We are having to carry out operations in very, very challenging times.

“We have to make sure our policing is intelligence-led. Acting on information from the public makes policing easier and more effective.

“There’s never been a time when we need intelligence from the public more.

“Policing on the roads is about recognising the greatest risk to our communities.

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“Drug gangs are one of those, it’s often these individuals that are bringing harm to our communities, who are those driving in a dangerous manner.

“If we police our roads right, stopping people speeding or for seat belt offences, it is these kind of individuals we can stop.”

Mr Pipe is focused on improving the future of road safety and is also tackling the three main issues dominating Essex roads.

He said: “We have real concern around young car drivers and young people in cars, and that’s rising and been rising since 2015.

“And we are seeing a real increasing trend in incidents, since 2014, from ages 70 and above, and that is linked to eyesight and the early stages of dementia.

“We are clearly having people failing to judge distances at junctions.”

Motorcyclists are also a key issue, making up just 0.6% of overall road users but accounting for 26% of all those killed and seriously injured.

Mr Pipe added:“Obviously in relation to motorbikes we have an educational approach, and ourselves and the fire service try to educate.

“We try and lead on intelligence-led policing, going to the right roads at the right time.”

Despite facing tough cuts, Essex Police has reported a downturn in the fatalities and serious injuries caused by road traffic accidents since the start of the year.

Police are able to report eight fewer fatalities and 37 fewer serious injuries this March when compared to the same month last year with one week left to run in the month.