Essex Neighbourhood Watch recognition for Flitch Green resident

A FLITCH Green resident has been recognised for her outstanding work in the community.

Sally Brown has been the leading neighbourhood watch lead co-ordinator for the new development since it was set up in January 2009.

And, as a mark of her efforts, she was presented with a special Certificate of Appreciation and Citation by Essex County Neighbourhood Watch.

Mrs Brown said: “When our family moved to Flitch Green, I quickly realised that people living on the new development came from all parts of the country and a huge variety of backgrounds, and we had no community feel.

“Setting up a neighbourhood watch group was a great way of breaking the ice and getting everyone talking to each other, and looking out for each other.

“It’s really helped to create a sense of community in Flitch Green. There are now almost 700 properties in the development, and I work closely with a team of 14 other co-ordinators. Together we’ve created a caring community that we all enjoy living in.”

Mrs Brown also works closely with the Felsted neighbourhood policing team, and particularly PCSO Angi Greneski.

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She said: “I started working in Uttlesford about two years ago and Flitch Green was the first neighbourhood watch group that I worked with. I now use that team as a model and example across my beat.

“We communicate regularly and there is a good two-way flow of information between police and the community, helping to keep everyone safe.”

The presentation to Mrs Brown was made by Dunmow Insp Mick Couldridge and Alan Johnson, who is chairman of the Uttlesford District Neighbourhood Watch steering group.

Mr Johnson said: “Co-ordinators are the key to an effective and successful neighbourhood watch scheme, and Sally is a truly excellent co-ordinator. Every household in Flitch Green is now part of the scheme.

“In Uttlesford, two out of every three households are part of neighbourhood watch, but across Essex as a whole the figure is around one in three. So the 100 per cent figure for Flitch Green is exceptional.

“I really can’t praise Sally enough. She has frequently worked above and beyond normal expectations, and represents neighbourhood watch at its finest.”

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If you would like more information about neighbourhood watch groups, contact Essex Police crime reduction adviser Peter Caulfield on 0300 3334444.