ESSEX: MP wants more facilities for housing estate

DUNMOW MP Sir Alan Haselhurst has promised Flitch Green residents he will lobby the Government on their behalf in a bid to get long overdue facilities built.

SIR Alan Haselhurst MP has promised Flitch Green residents he will lobby parliament on their behalf in a bid to get long overdue facilities built.

In its application to Uttlesford District Council, developer Enodis promised to build amenities such as a school, doctor’s surgery, shops and playing fields to compliment the 600-house housing estate.

With the exception of the school and, more recently, the opening of a village hall, the building of those facilities is yet to be realised.

Sir Alan has been holding a series of meetings in the last few days and intends to deliver a speech in parliament.

“I intend to lobby the Government to force developers to live up to resident’s expectations,” he said.

“The amount of public facilities at Flitch Green is simply not good enough. At the moment all they have is a primary school and they have only just been handed a village hall months after it was due.

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“Both of those places are excellent and benefit the community enormously. However, they need more – like a village pub and a number of shops.

“When residents moved in that is what they were promised. It has taken too long and I will be urging the Government to take action.”

Flitch Green residents have written to the Broadcast in recent weeks with their concerns.

Karen Jackson moved into the estate over 10 years ago.

She said: “We bought the house in good faith having been promised, even then, a surgery, convenience store, pub and school.

“With so many additional houses in the area, it puts so much strain on an already stretched system.

“It is ridiculous that Enodis has not been made to sort this out instead of ignoring it. They wanted the estate, but now they don’t want the responsibility of actually making it work.

She added: “We had always thought the area idyllic, but how much more so could it be, if we could have what was promised?”

Another resident, Denise Latto, said: “We pay a lot of council tax for nothing other than bins being emptied. It is, as I understand, illegal for homes to continue to be built and sold on this estate without these facilites. We have incomplete roads that have been like this for years.

“Why are we left without facilities?”

Enodis had not replied to the Broadcast’s call by the time of going to press.

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