Essex hotel comes out of administration

AN ICONIC inn located on Dunmow’s High Street has been pulled back out of administration this week – preserving its long term future.

The Saracens Head Hotel has had its management transferred from parent company, Merchant Inns, to up-market hotel company Bespoke Hotels.

Merchant had been thrown into administration last year, dragging the Saracens, which was still bringing in the cash, down with it.

The hotel closed its rooms for refurbishment but the project was put on hold when Merchant collapsed.

Bespoke aim rejuvenated the inn. The conference rooms will be re-fitted and the rooms may follow suit further down the line.

The Saracens is one of six properties purchased by Bespoke, bringing their asset value to �200million.

Founder Robin Sheppard said: “We are delighted. The property is perfectly positioned to apply the Bespoke philosophy of ‘every hotel benefits from a little individuality and a little bit of tailoring to bring out its true heart and soul’.

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“Hotels managed by us become better. We bring professionalism, experience and flair that very few management companies can match. We look forward to optimizing the properties potential.”