Essex: Daredevil raises �10,000 for the Epilepsy Society after skydive

A DUNMOW man has raised in excess of �10,000 for charity after leaping from a plane.

Francis Pickthall skydived from 13,000ft on May 24 at the Hinton Airfield in Oxfordshire to raise money for the Epilepsy Society.

The 44-year-old, who owns Hatfield Broad Oak-based CPL Aromas, has lived with epilepsy for more than 30 years.

His condition is now controlled with specialist medication and he lives a near normal life, suffering only from occasional nocturnal seizures.

He told the Broadcast he was delighted to be able to donate �10,540 to charity: “The day was hugely exciting and exhilarating and although the jump went off without a hitch, I do admit to being slightly nervous. I am just so happy to have raised some funds for this great charity.

“My thanks to all those who were so generous with their donations.”

You can still donate by visiting

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