Stansted school celebrates LGBTQ+ students in Diversity Week

A red notice board with the word "Pride" in the middle - Forest Hall School, Stansted

Pupils at Forest Hall School in Stansted created a display board at the end of Pride Month. - Credit: Supplied

Diversity Week was an opportunity to give pupils the space to express themselves, a Stansted teacher has said.

Forest Hall School held Diversity Week in conjunction with LGBTQ+ young people's charity Just Like Us.

Sarah Power, enrichment lead at Forest Hall, said: "It was just so nice to see our students in the LGBTQ+ community being themselves completely in a safe space.

"They were doing something for themselves.

"Students have been at home for a lot more time than they ever would be and so have been exposed to just one or two opinions, which has had an affect on them.

"It has been good to be able to expose them to more."

She added: "It is important to show we are supportive of all of our students, regardless of their gender, background or sexuality."

Just Like Us is a national charity which campaigns for LGBTQ+-equality policies and education in schools.