Felsted School's initiative to protect the rainforest

Caption: Felsted School pupils and Headmaster Chris Townsend plant a fruit tree as part of the Boarding Schools...

Felsted School pupils and headmaster Chris Townsend plant a fruit tree as part of the Boarding Schools Association’s ‘Boarding Orchard’ national initiative, one of many activities the school is doing to protect the environment. - Credit: Felsted School

Felsted School has saved over 19,000 trees this year to help preserve the Amazon rainforest.

Through their partnership with conservation charity One Tribe Global, they learned that one football field of rainforest is lost every second through deforestation - nearly 70,000 acres are lost every day.

For every individual admissions registration, the school donates money that equates to protecting 500 trees in the Amazon rainforest.

The school will also donate a percentage of costs for overseas trips to save trees.

Headmaster Chris Townsend said: “As a school with a global community, Felsted is committed to making a difference to the sustainability of the planet, with pupils and staff encouraged to engage in projects to help protect the environment both locally and around the world.

"We are delighted to be partnering with One Tribe and encourage individuals and businesses to get involved.” 

Other school eco initiatives have included tree planting, site-wide recycling and switching to biodegradable medical ice packs.