Moth night celebrates Dunmow's autumn biodiversity

Moth spotters examine a small creature in a man's hand at Great Dunmow's moth night

Moth expert Graeme Smith (far-right) with keen moth spotters - Credit: Friends of Dunmow's Open Spaces (FODOS)

Great Dunmow's moth-spotting event has been hailed a success by its organisers.

On September 17, keen nature seekers spotted 230 moths across 22 different species on the Chelmer riverbank and St Mary's chruchyard, with the records sent to the Essex County Moth Recorder.

Paul Anderson, of Friends of Dunmow's Open Spaces, said the event was a chance to celebrate the town's biodiversity this autumn.

A group of eager moth hunters in St Mary's Church, Dunmow

Eager moth hunters at St Mary's Church, Dunmow - Credit: Friends of Dunmow's Open Spaces (FODOS)

Paul said: "It was a cool and clear evening - not the best kind of conditions for spotting them.

"But what a great haul nonetheless!

"It just goes to show how much life is in a relatively small area and goes largely unnoticed by us in our busy lives."

The sessions were led by Johnathan Forgham and Graeame Smith.

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Reverend Tom Warrington joined the moth hunters.

He said: "Moths are often considered insignificant, but we discovered that they are much more valuable and beautiful than that."