Felsted School is celebrating its musical talent with breaktime recitals for students.

This week, Matt and Charles from Windsor's House performed the cello and flute in front of their peers.

The school's music department said that the small concerts at 10.55am on Tuesdays help boost young musicians' confidence before exams and public performances.

A Felsted School spokesperson said: "A variety of instruments from the oboe to the cello are played by students, along with singers and occasionally drama performances, bringing a most joyful breaktime to those who attend.

"This performance is important for students to be able to practise performing in front of an audience, building up their confidence.

"Music is a strong discipline at Felsted, with opportunities for musicians at all levels, starting with every pupil playing an instrument from the youngest years."

They added that the school is proud of its partnership with the Junior Guildhall School of Music in London.