The latest news and pictures from schools across the district.

Felsted School

Three students at Felsted School climbed Britain’s three highest mountains - Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Mount Snowdon - in 21 hours 45 minutes, raising over £3,000 for the Soldier, Sailor, Airmen and Families Association.

Ben, Gus and Tom took their mascot bears with them for their Three Peaks Challenge.

Wimbish Primary School

Wimbish Primary School took part in a special curriculum day focused on Religious Education, with the theme being ‘Colour in Religion’.

The children spent the day in their house groups visiting different workshops and completing activities at each station.

In the afternoon the students were joined by staff, family and friends for their first colour run.

They raised £800 in sponsorship. These funds will support opportunities to enrich and inspire learning and provide resources.

Howe Green House School

The weather was perfect for Sports Day at Howe Green House Prep School, Great Hallingbury.

There were new school records in both High Jump and Long Jump.

Radwinter Primary School

Radwinter Primary School held a Science week which started with a whole school KAPLA workshop.

The children spent the day stacking thousands of small wooden planks, creating a monumental build including villages, bridges, giraffes and even an octopus.

Radwinter is just the second school in the country to have completed such a large structure.

Dame Bradbury School

A fun run organised by Dame Bradbury School has raised over £1,000 for EACH, through sponsorship for running the 1K, 2K and 5K distances.

The event was held at Carver Barracks and attended by over 150 pupils, parents and staff.

A parent dressed as Robin, a child dressed in a homemade costume of a bush, and two siblings sporting their family tartan won fancy dress prizes.

Forest Hall School

Year 10 students from Forest Hall School in Stansted have completed the Duke of Edinburgh's Silver Award.

Students completed a day of training, before taking part in a three-day practise expedition in the New Forest ahead of their assessed expedition where they were sent off alone to complete the challenge.

Sarah Power, enrichment lead, said: “The students were just brilliant."

Students from the school have also been able to return to day trips and holidays with their classmates after these were curtailed by COVID restrictions.

Recent trips have included Year 7 watching Frozen the musical and Year 11 drama students watching The Woman in Black in London’s West End, Year 9 science students visiting The Natural History Museum, and Year 10 history students completing the Jack The Ripper Tour in London.