Students at Felsted School have been recognised for their competition entries showing their creative engineering solutions to everyday problems.

Prep school pupil Bella, 11, designed a self-charging Chromebook which won the East of England CEO Award in the National Young Leaders Award in Engineering Competition.

Older engineering students at Felsted also had success in this year's CSES TEXPO, run by the Chelmsford Science and Engineering Society.

Amy, 18, won the major challenge trophy for her hanging study chair, Year 11 student Amalee won a prize for best executed project for her outdoor activity toy for a child with special needs and Jessica's fire pit design was judged to be the idea with the most enterprise.

Head of design technology and engineering at Felsted, Mick Pitts, said: “Pupils of all ages at Felsted School take part in Design Technology and Engineering (DTE), which helps to develop thinking and communication skills while supporting the creative realisations of ideas using materials such as wood, metal and plastics.”