Dunmow woman cleared of doing a runner after Botox treatment at House of Skin salon

Chelmsford Crown Court. Picture: LUCY TAYLOR

Chelmsford Crown Court. Picture: LUCY TAYLOR - Credit: Lucy taylor

A Little Dunmow woman accused of doing a runner after having Botox treatment has said the experience has been “very hard” after being cleared by a court.

Chelmsford Crown Court heard Kobie Frankham, 26, was locked in the House of Skin salon in Great Dunmow when her card was declined after the £220 cosmetic session.

She eventually left promising to pay later, but called back claiming to have suffered an allergic reaction and went to hospital.

The mum kept in contact with the salon but they called in police, who arrested Ms Frankham and interviewed her before charging her with making off without payment.

Yesterday the case was thrown out by Judge John Seely after the prosecution closed in the two-day trial, having ruled there was no evidence she intended to not pay.

After the case Ms Frankham, of Gypsy Lane, said: “It has been very hard, it’s disgraceful to be honest.

“I have no need to do this, I have no problem with money.

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“I’m being discriminated against because I’m a traveller.

“My dad is the famous traveller Bobby Frankham who trained Brad Pitt, I don’t need money.”

Mr Frankham trained the A-list Hollywood actor for the film Snatch.

Ms Frankham faced two years behind bars if convicted.

Chelmsford Crown Court heard she had gone for the treatment as a confidence booster after she lost part of her ear in a fight with her sister-in-law.

But after the therapy her card was declined when she went to pay at the clinic.

She left her mobile phone as collateral and went to a cashpoint where she found her balance was just £13.

Nurse Pam Cushing locked Ms Frankham into the clinic after her cards were declined and it emerged she had just £13 in her account, the court heard.

After payment was refused Ms Frankham, who was being treated ahead of a wedding, claimed she was “extremely embarrassed” and would arrange an overdraft.

Self-employed Mrs Cushing told the court: “I said to Kobie you need to do the right thing, pay your dues, you need to do it tomorrow, and we parted company.”

Ms Frankham was then allowed to leave on the promise of paying the following day but called up later claiming she had suffered an allergic reaction.

The jury heard Ms Frankham did attend hospital and was handed antihistamine tablets and attended a GP the following day.