Dunmow Round Table’s grant to family who want to return home

Amanda Maisey Young with her family and a cheque from the Great Dunmow Round Table

Amanda Maisey Young with her family and a cheque from the Great Dunmow Round Table - Credit: Archant

A woman forced to move out of her home after suffering sudden leg paralysis has been donated £2,000 by a charitable group in Dunmow.

Amanda Maisey Young, 35, had been living in Lindsell with her husband and two young children when she woke up on January 20 feeling ill.

She already suffered from Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a genetic condition that affects connective tissue, but until that day had lived a fairly normal life.

Within two hours, she had lost the use of her legs, and doctors are still trying to diagnose, and cure, the cause of her sudden deterioration.

The family have been forced to move to a bungalow in Takeley, which is wheelchair-friendly, but would desperately like to return home.

However, it would cost around £90,000 to adapt their family house. A disabilities and facilities grant may be available, but is unlikely to cover the entire burden of the changes.

Now the Dunmow Round Table has given the family £2,000 from the proceeds it collected from the fireworks display in November and the summer carnival.

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On her fundraising page, which has already collected more than £6,200, Amanda said spending all that time away from her children while she was being tested “broke” her.

She said: “Never had I been apart from them before. It hurt and still does.

“I have missed so much and I’ll never get that back, I missed my little girl starting pre-school for the very first time and my son riding his bike for the first time.”

“I need to be back with my family and in our home but with adaptations to fit, suit and ones that allow me to become a mother and wife again.

“I want to be able to look after myself as well as my family. To bath them again with ease, put them to bed without any access problems or pain from manoeuvring around a carpeted place, to cook them a family meal without complications and to allow my husband to return back to work.”

To donate, visit www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/amanda-maisey-young