Dunmow MP Sir Alan Haselhurst's expenses back in the spotlight

DUNMOW MP Sir Alan Haselhurst s expense claims and allowances have been published. The Conservative s claims over the last four years were made public this week when all MPs expenses were put online http://mpsallowances.parliament.uk/mpslordsandoffi

DUNMOW MP Sir Alan Haselhurst's expense claims and allowances have been published.

The Conservative's claims over the last four years were made public this week when all MPs' expenses were put online


Much of the detail in the hundreds of bills, statements and invoices made available has been blacked out by parliamentary officials.

However, the receipts show that Sir Alan has claimed �22,956 in second home allowances in 2007-08.

Among those receipts - which were made under the Additional Costs Allowance (ACA) - are claims for:

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�571 (in February 2008) for the cleaning of furniture and carpets

�202 (in July 2007) to re-shingle driveway

�638 (in August 2007) for patio repairs

�546 (in February 2008) for loft insulation

�550 (in August 2007) for radiator replacement

A total of �96 (April and July 2007) for washing machine repairs

�43 (in February 2008) to clean chimney

�249 each month for gardening work

�240 each month for cleaning

�300 each month for food (except September 2007 when he claimed �200)

�36 each month for a window cleaner

�50 each month on telephone and telecommunications bills

All figures relate to Sir Alan's constituency home at Duddenhoe End, which he designated as his second home on becoming deputy speaker of The House of Commons in 1997.

In 2007-08, Sir Alan also claimed under the Incidental Expenses Provision (the costs associated with running an office) and the Communications Allowance (which provides funds for MPs to communicate with constituents).

Under the Incidental Expenses Provision, he has claimed for the renting of a constituency office, as well as for phone lines, utility bills and stationery. He also claimed �706.40 in February 2008 for an office shredder and �1060.38 to advertise his surgeries across the constituency.

Under the Communications Allowance, Sir Alan has paid for the printing of constituency newsletters and annual reports.

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