Dunmow mayor looks back on a busy year in office

Great Dunmow mayor Barrie Easter and his wife Margaret Easter. Picture: CONTRIBUTED

Great Dunmow mayor Barrie Easter and his wife Margaret Easter. Picture: CONTRIBUTED - Credit: Archant

As a young man, Dunmow mayor Barrie Easter wouldn’t even pick up the telephone, but now he’s perfectly happy speaking to thousands of spectators at the Dunmow Carnival.

Great Dunmow Town Council will elect a new mayor this evening (Thursday) and Councillor Easter, who has been mayor on one previous occasion, spoke to the Broadcast about the town council's busy year and reflected on his time in the post.

Cllr Easter said: "It has been very busy. Mainly because of the possibility of all these houses and a lack of infrastructure. We want something in return for these houses."

Going on, the former fireman said: "We have got Parsonage Downs secure from illegal encampments. We were hoping to do it last year but owing to the utilities company not giving us permission...it was a major problem trying to get it done."

Speaking about the upheaval at Uttlesford District Council, in which the Conservatives lost 20 seats to make way for R4U, Cllr Easter said: "I have never seen anything like it before. My only concern is have they got the knowledge to run the council?"

On a more personal note, Cllr Easter revealed that being able to speak in front of thousands of people at the Dunmow Carnival without 'shaking like a jelly' was his most "surprising" moment.

He explained: "I woke up the next morning thinking 'did I actually go up there with no words?' Normally I would be shaking like a jelly in front of all these people. When I got married I wouldn't even the answer the phone. I wouldn't go anywhere on my own.

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"I have thoroughly enjoyed being mayor and, if I was 10 years younger, I might consider running again. I never thought when I was a teenager I would get to do this and I think my family would never thought I would do a thing like this. All of them were involved in local matters. I wish best of luck to whoever my successor is."

In the past year, Cllr Easter and his wife Margaret have raised more than £3,000 for local charities and would like to thank Walker's Catering, Sweetlands, Daniel Robinson and Steve Golding for their contributions to the fundraising events.