Dunmow Flitch Trials: Miz Sabur and Emma Marcus

Couple no.4 Mr Mohammed Mizan Sabur and Ms Emma Marcus react to the applause, on gaining a whole fli

Couple no.4 Mr Mohammed Mizan Sabur and Ms Emma Marcus react to the applause, on gaining a whole flitch of bacon - particularly as Miz is from muslim origins and Emma has Jewish ancestry. Picture: Celia Bartlett Photography - Credit: Celia Bartlett

Mohammed Mizan (Miz) Sabur, 46, and his wife Emma Marcus, 43, from Dunmow brought out the tender side of the judge Dave Monk who called them “a unique couple with lots of love and laughter”.

They met in an Irish bar in Harrow. They were introduced by mutual friends and married 12 years ago. Emma, a dietitian for people with diabetes, has a voice has a permanent chuckle in it. Miz teaches history at Birchwood High School in Bishop’s Stortford.

Emma said: “We moved to Dunmow four years ago just after the last Flitch Trials and thought it would be fun to have a go. We were really nervous, it was like getting married.” The couple has moved around the country, particularly so Emma could be near her young nephews. They first met up again (without the mutual friends), got engaged, and then got married, each time on December 20.

“We can’t forget the date”, says Emma. Asked why she had kept her maiden name, she said: “I am not a feminist it’s just that before we got married, a friend said my new name would sound like: ‘Emma’s a bore’ – I didn’t want to be a bore and Miz wasn’t in the least bit bothered. He said you don’t have to change your name.”

The couple are planning to use the flitch they won for a charity hog roast at The Angel and Harp in Dunmow.

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