Dunmow flitch trial winners have twins

FOLLOWING on from the sad article about Claire Rayner’s death last week we have some happier Dunmow flitch trial-related news.

USA couple Erin and Jeff Dotts, who came over and won a side of bacon at the 2008 event, now have twin girls.

The birth happened on September 28, exactly three weeks before Mrs Rayne’s death.

Mr Dotts said: “The whole thing was really amazing. When Erin went into labour, I was sure there would be time to make phone calls and let people know what was going on.

“Before the anaesthesiologists could even finish explaining the epidural procedure, Erin said ‘Thanks, but these babies aren’t going to wait for pain medications.’ 45 minutes later we had the two most beautiful little girls in the world.”

Clare and Lucy Dotts are growing well and eating great. Both are still small and getting help at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital in Nashville where the family live.

In a nod to the flitch trials Mr Dotts added: “We hope to have them both home in a couple of weeks. I asked the attending physician if Erin’s breast milk could be fortified to help them grow. I also asked if it could be fortified with bacon.”

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The Dunmow flitch trials is a competition for couples to win half of a pig, but only if they can prove to a judge and jury that they have been happily married for a year and a day.

2008 saw Mrs Rayner and her husband Des win, alongside the Dotts, and they were paraded through town for their efforts.

The next trails will be held in 2012 as they take place every four years. For more info visit dunmowflitchtrials.co.uk