Club sharing love and passion for football across all ages

Under 11 Dunmow Utd

Under 11 Dunmow Utd - Credit: Dunmow Utd

The club of choice in the Uttleseford area remains the proud ambition of Dunmow United Football Club. 

Founded in 2004 the club provides junior football to the youth of Great Dunmow and surrounding areas.  

It is a non-profit, membership-based organisation with an active committee developing the club for the benefits of our members.  

“We aim to be the club of choice in the Uttlesford district, providing the highest standards of football education and a positive environment for all young people,” says a club spokesperson. 

Dunmow United U12 Leopards girls team

Dunmow United U12 Leopards girls team - Credit: Dunmow Utd

It has four key objectives:  

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1: To encourage the playing of football at all levels. 

2: To provide continuous development opportunities for our players, coaches and volunteers. 

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3: To develop a club culture based on respect, best practice, safety and fair play. 

4: To encourage parents to participate in the running of the club for the benefit of the players, club and community. 

U12 Stingrays team after winning their league this season

U12 Stingrays team after winning their league this season - Credit: Dunmow Utd

To deliver this, the club says that it is important that their ethos is shared and demonstrated by our coaches, team managers, assistants, players, parents or carers and the committee. 

Due to limitations of playing facilities in Dunmow the club plays its home matches at Laundry Lane, Little Easton, as well as at Duton Hill.  

The club says that “we appreciate the support of the local parish council and residents to ensure for the valuable opportunity to actively play sport and contribute to improved health and well-being". 

Joint banner with Dunmow Rovers promoting both clubs, evidencing the shared commitment

Joint banner with Dunmow Rovers promoting both clubs, evidencing the shared commitment - Credit: Dunmow Utd

The club was successful in securing grant funding from The Football Foundation, for a six-year period to improve the quality of playing surfaces at Laundry Lane. 

As an FA charter standard club all coaches are DBS checked and have to attain. An FA coaching qualification. 

Coaching starts on a Saturday morning for reception age children with our head coach Scott Forbes. New attendees are always welcome. 

Our under 11 Vikings on the attack at Laundry Lane

Our under 11 Vikings on the attack at Laundry Lane - Credit: Dunmow Utd

Scott can be contacted at to arrange attendance. 

The club presently has 15 mixed youth teams, from U7s to u16, who all play in the Blackwater and Dengie League on a Sunday, as well as two girls' teams who play in the Essex County Girls league on Sundays as well. 

The club also has a men’s team who play Saturday afternoons in the mid Essex league, and a men’s team who play in the Braintree and North Essex Sunday league.  

Testament to the club’s ethos is their current men’s team has seven players who started playing for the club in reception. 

The club says that for the future they want to continue to provide continuous development for all our players.  

The club spokesperson said: “The poor provision of facilities by local authorities and policy planners, despite the increase in house building locally, is very disappointing. 

“It will restrict the ability of local clubs to provide sporting opportunities to young people in Uttlesford’ 

You can find out more about the club here as well as contact details for respective age group managers if interested in playing.  

Some of their squads are full, however some will be looking for new players, as the teams get older, they naturally move through various team sizes from 5 a side to 11 a side 

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