Dunmow carnival organisers upset young dancers

CARNIVAL organisers have moved to calm parents and children after a dance group missed out on performing at this year’s grand event.

The Dunmow Majorettes said they were shunned from last Saturday’s festivities and were never given a reason why, despite similar acts being allowed to participate in the main arena.

Speaking on behalf of the girls Jeanette Parradine told the Broadcast: “The carnival was enjoyed by many but in the midst of the fun and festivities there were tears.

“Our girls have performed in several carnivals and have represented Great Dunmow in Dourdan, France, on two occasions.

“They perform at functions throughout the summer months and the girls consider each performance leading up to the carnival as merely a prelude to the big day.

“I can see no valid reason for dropping the Dunmow Majorettes from the entertainment programme. They were very disappointed which was exacerbated by the fact that many people, including friends and family, kept asking why they were not performing.

“I am sure that somewhere in the line up of acts from other towns a ten minute slot for one of the towns own could have been found.”

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The complaint did not come directly from the Majorettes committee but has been taken very seriously by organisers who say they will try and include the group next time around.

Carnival events committee member David Beedle said: “I would be one of the first to congratulate the Majorettes on being such fantastic ambassadors for the town and their committee for all their hard work.

“We spend a lot of time trying to ensure that the children of Dunmow are well represented at the carnival and we think we succeed in doing this.

“But we also need to vary our programme from year to year and therefore not everyone gets a chance to be in the arena every year.

“We certainly have not shunned them and look forward to seeing them in next year’s carnival.”

There has been better news for the group though, as last week they found out that they will be centre stage for the opening of the new town square in White Street, Dunmow.

They have been invited down by the town council and will be performing a number of routines before the �100,000 project is officially opened (see page three for more).

Mrs Parradine added: “Being a Majorette benefits the girls. This troupe aged 6 to 14 practice religiously each week and most weekends during the summer.

“Their leaders and instructors give up a huge amount of their free time to provide the girls with support and mentoring, instilling the girls with qualities such as discipline, team-spirit, respect and dedication.”