NHS Birthday 2020: Are you showing your support across Essex this weekend?

Residents across the Dunmow district showed their support for the NHS and keyworkers during the NHS

Residents across the Dunmow district showed their support for the NHS and keyworkers during the NHS Thursday night clap earlier this year, including the Rawlinson family shown here in Rayne. Picture: James Rawlinson - Credit: James Rawlinson

This weekend marks the 72nd birthday of the NHS. Here’s what people are doing to celebrate.

This weekend marks the 72nd birthday of the NHS.

Tomorrow evening (Saturday, July 4), the /Together coalition is calling on everyone to commemorate coronavirus victims, whether key workers or members of the public, by putting a light or LED candle in their window to show support.

And on Sunday at 5pm, people are encouraged to join the biggest ever ‘clap for carers’ to thank all key workers, as well as safely raise a cup of tea – or a drink of their choice.

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The /Together coalition, which has the goal of healing divisions in society and reuniting communities over the course of the next decade, is backed by NHS bodies, businesses, civil society organisations and celebrities.

UNISON is part of /Together coalition.

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UNISON Eastern acting regional secretary Tim Roberts said: “We’re living through troubled times and sadly we’re not out of the woods yet.

“Across the East of England, just as across the rest of the UK, communities and families have been devastated by the virus. Too many lives have been taken, too many loved ones kept apart and everyone is left fearing for the future.

“But we can come together, as demonstrated by the weekly claps from our doorsteps and balconies showing our appreciation for those who’ve been keeping us safe.

“This is an opportunity to give thanks and thoughts for all those who’ve lost their lives, as well as recognising the wonders of the health service, social care sector and other essential public services.

“As the lockdown eases, we must all remain careful. No one wants to spoil anyone’s fun as pubs reopen but behaving sensibly is vital, if the NHS is to be protected and the virus is to be kept at bay.

“Overwhelming our emergency services is the last thing that’s needed when this weekend is all about celebrating and showing appreciation for our wonderful NHS.”

Union GMB members and their families are also getting involved.

Gavin Davies of GMB said: “GMB members and their families in London and the East of England will once again take part in this nationwide show of solidarity to express appreciation and gratitude to all our key workers who got the nation safely through this unprecedented crisis and to honour the lives lost in the pandemic.

“This is a time for us as a society to show appreciation for the key workers and honour those who lost their lives in the pandemic.

“The huge tasks of rebuilding from the economic wasteland in its wake and learning the lessons from how all the UK institutions handled this so far unfinished worldwide crisis come next.

“All the sinews and all the resolve of all the institutions in society working together will be required to get us through what comes next. The electorate will be unforgiving to any lack of resolve in any part of society in this next crucial recovery phase in this unfinished crisis.”